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Training, and what's the hold up ?


I've not forgotten about this blog, I've been a bit busy....

March 2019 - As a sedentary diabetic with a terrible A1c I was placed on Trulicity, got great numbers and started to lose weight
October 2019 - Weight loss had stopped. I needed to do something to help it along.... cycling.

April 2020 - FTP has been increasing over the last 6 months.
June 2020 - FTP has been frozen since May, I've decided to start a training plan using FulGaz and my Kickr Bike.
September 2020 - With FulGaz self-guided intervals having limited effect I have to determine what I'm doing wrong. My FTP remains frozen & ~100w low.

October 2020 - I hired a profession cycling coach.
November 2020 - Seeing increases with the coach, but still I remain low on power. Endurance is increasing.
December 2020 - Much of the same. Coaching plan increases in intensity, but I'm not really getting faster.

JANUARY 2021 - Still nothing much happening. 1st wk in January LT test is still showing the same weird results graph and I'm still not going anywhere fast.

Heart to Heart with the coach.... "What's going on? Am I just a wimp on a bike?" reply came back "you are not responding to training as expected"
Coach dug deep and found the following, WAY TO GO COACH !

Turns out that my diabetic miracle drug, Trulicity, has been apparently suppressing the glycogen in my muscles.
If you live a sedentary life and don't really use the muscles, it matters not.
But if you are training on a bike... well, that'll be quite the issue.
I got my Dr. Endo's blessing to come off the drug, I continue training for the four weeks Trulicity takes to leave my system, and......

5,4,3,2,1 Houston We have lift off. 4th wk January test shows marked increase in Lactic Threshold.
No FTP increase, that will come from further training. But my prior rides are faster and easier to the point I can feel it.

Only bad news is that Coach has wound back my training plan a couple of months.
Oh well, you can't have your cake & eat it.... oops Diabetic, no cake for me !


New on the road bike numbers.... 110-120W @ 137bpm HR

02/17/21 update: 120-130w @131bpm, & still getting better.

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