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Originally Posted by Phil_gretz View Post
^eBay is a good suggestion, IF the seller is already in the U.S. and has stock. You will pay the premium for pre-shipped stock, though. It'll be baked into the price. I have a set of matte carbon 50s with Sapim spokes laced to DT240s. I bought them back in 2019, though. Terrific wheels.
From what I have drummed up with a very similar situation as the OP is that even if the Ebay seller lists the shipping location being "US" & shows the product "In Stock" & states "Shipping 1-2 weeks" it does not mean it will be received in that amount of time. Until the seller updates the buyer with "Item shipped" it still can sit on a boat awaiting a freight update. Which, that is exactly what happened to me with 1 amazon & 1 ebay purchase. The amazon purchase was pre supply chain disruption & it took way longer than expected to receive the order. Ebay had a slight twist. The seller provided a tracking number that was not usable until the package was within the "1-2 weeks" window of being received. Up until that point, it was over 2 months of the tracking number being "invalid" . Ebay's policies would not support any dispute to cancel/refund/force the seller to communicate.
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