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juvela Brilliant - thank you for finding and sharing this film. It would have been good to see more of the details of some of the operations but overall amazing.

Couple of observations: first its clear everyone was very self-conscious about the film being made. We could have a fun drinking game where you had to sip every time an "inspector" made his way into the shot for no apparent reason (near the end there are dozens of bikes ready to be shipped and the inspector comes over, takes one, bounces it a bit and pronounces his job done for the day, after looking directly at the camera).

Second, lots of evidence of very young/child workers....I know its the 20s!

Third: mens bikes seemed to be devoid of chainguards (perhaps a chain ring protector); and the vogue was for front fenders to be only half fenders.

Fourth: after all that work making beautiful bikes (the wheel painting and pinstriping was cool), for shipment they wrap in craft paper and dump the bikes onto an open truck....

Finally, near the end you finally see some drop bar bikes. Guess they were only popular with the scorchers.....

So much to see in that film - thanks again!
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