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Hi, thanks for the replies.

So yea it's pretty hard to explain with pics but I've added them to an album now. Still cant post them in this thread though unfortunately.

Originally I was just going to squish them, I might still end up doing this. The reason I am asking is I would like a cleaner solution that gives a better junction between the pivot plate in green and the upright in yellow.

In the second picture the tube on the right is straight and forms down to a square. Was thinking I could weld the triangular 'wedge' that is left between the pivot and the tube. The tube on the left has the bend. So it come up perpendicular with the mounting face, bends 5 deg and fires off toward the top fixing point.

Making a mandrel sounds like a good idea. I cant see the tube deforming around the mandrel using only a vice though. Or are you saying insert it then squish the tube around the mandrel?

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