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Originally Posted by UncleG View Post
Remember back in the late 80s early 90s Panasonic came out with a bicycle where you went into a shop, they put you on a machine which was like a slide rule and when you're all dialed in on this machine... hit "enter" and the measurements went to the factory in Japan ( I assume), and within a few weeks you received a Panasonic bicycle at your doorstep that was custom fit to your measurements that we're taken on their customized sizing apparatus.

I always thought it was a really cool idea, I think the press at the time did too but it never really took off among the general public and Panasonic still might be in business but I haven't seen a shop and years so I'm not really certain what their business model looks like today.

If you recall in the late 80s early 90s is when a lot of organizations and corporations and the government and the military all started really looking at quality management and this is one of the examples I recall hearing about denoting efficiency and quality management.
Fit systems are around and there are lots. Just like everything else, they evolved with technology
Google them
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