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Originally Posted by Doug Fattic View Post
I saw this video surfing YouTube videos. I'm not a fan of the way stack of dimes fillet brazing looks but I don't hate it either. I see it as a method to produce an acceptively attractive joint without any need for after brazing filing. In other words the advantage of this method is the time it saves and not how beautiful it looks.
That's perhaps a bit harsh If I could stack brass dimes like that guy I would be proud of it and want to show it off. Which is more beautiful? Well it's subjective but I'm always impressed by a joint that didn't need any cleanup.

People used to quite often file TIG welds smooth but that's considered cheating these days and everyone wants those dimes. But whenever I'm swooning over dimes my wife and other normal people say what they're actually pretty ugly and they're right. They only look good because you know they're hard to do. To the "untrained" eye they look like maggots curled up around the joints, which most people hardly look at anyway.

Originally Posted by Doug Fattic View Post
Perfect for a pro wanting to reduce his build time.

I don't see it as a method for part time or hobby builders either that can take more time refining each joint. Andy's MTB is a good example. His flllet brazing was okay and he did it twice to refine his 1st attempt. However he could file his joints beautifully. I doubt most amateurs want to spend the practice it would take them to achieve acceptable results when they can file after brazing to make it even more attractive. And I can also say there is a certain percentage of brazers that would have trouble ever making stack of dimes look decent no matter how much they practice.
The biggest priority, especially for a hobby builder, is strong and sound joints, closely followed by good alignment. Filing after brazing is not that easy either! I TIG everything but I did make a frame with TIG braze over the welds filed smooth to get that look. It was OK but nothing like what Andy's looks like.
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