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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I made this its own thread because I thought it was interesting and didn't want to derail Andy's thread.

I thought it was interesting that the gap on the other side of the tube opens quite a bit as he starts brazing. I imagine it closes again as the frame cools.
Or maybe not.

I'm going to try it and post some pictures here. It would be great if other people did that too.
I noticed that as well but wasn't sure if i was seeing what I thought I should see or if it was really opening. You can also hear 'pings' as the tubing heats and cools.

I'm with Doug on this . This technique seems like a good way to streamline the process - one brazing op - rather than brazing, soaking, rough filing, sanding and polishing. Each of those ops potentially have a different tool and it's own muscle memory. It also enables a builder to differentiate and build a story around their technique and resulting frame and target people who appreciate this joint type while also being profitable and ensuring they're in business for the long haul. Curtis BMX frames in the UK uses this technique. I think it has a certain purposeful beauty to it but the flow of a really nicely done smooth fillet braze is my preference.

I did try it on my current project. I think using a bigger rod and thicker tubing might help with the 'dimes' definition. In this picture you can see faint ridges. This is with O/A, victor #1 tip and 3/16 rod and 0.8mm DT to 1.0mm HT. I think just watching that video and then mimicking the motion and rhythm is good practice for developing the muscle memory. All other high performance pursuits utilize visualization so, no reason brazing wouldn't do the same. My wife thought I might be having a stroke at the dinner table as i used my knife and fork as a torch and filler rod.
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