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Originally Posted by guy153 View Post
If you don't use any flux (apart from the inline fluxer) does it make the dimes "stick" more instead of flowing and losing definition?
I don't think so. I think it's more that the timing (letting the puddle freeze and joint to cool slightly) and building up enough mass with the prior puddle that it doesn't re-melt when laying the next one. When H-J was clearing out, i bought filler and they threw in what feels like 1/4" filler rod (probably 1/8th but, man it feels chunky). With the fatter rod, it's more important to keep the rod tip 'in the flame' so it stays near melting when it's not actively being dipped. Having said that, I would love an inline fluxer but just don't think the mess/storage/cost etc. is worth it at this time.
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