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I am unsure of your budget but Llewellyn makes some really fine touring bikes in the land down under. Also there is Baum if you want something a bit more modern and more gravel oriented but I bet if you asked nicely Darren and his team would build you just about anything in steel or ti. They do some really excellent work.

Though I am sure there are others. I would love to go with a Baum but there are so many awesome builders in the U.S. I gotta support my local folks and I don't have one iota close enough to have all the bikes I really want. I have a nice stable now but with enough money and a lot less sense I would love to have a lot of custom stuff from around the world.

If you do have a bit more budget concerns I would ride some of those bikes you listed and see which ones you like and what you liked or didn't like about them. Maybe have a chart and that will help you narrow down and help us. Certainly the Fargo is a neat bike, I have a Timberjack in titanium which I have finally built and ridden and like it. They do some neat stuff. I would probably consider the Fargo if I was going deep off road but wanted drops.

Me personally if I cannot go full custom I would at least try to do frame up construction. Buy a frame that works geometry wise and will fit you and then festoon it with the parts that will work best for you. I can't always get down with stock bikes as they frequently have parts I wouldn't use but wouldn't necessarily want to spend the money to replace right away. However stock bikes aren't always bad I am just picky on things or just have brands I am loyal to because they make good reliable parts and I like supporting them or they work for an odd set up I want that the industry probably wouldn't want to promote as I would.
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