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Originally Posted by SpeedofLite View Post
Cool! Thanks for posting the photo.
Have you used other wheels from the same era that provided a more predictable ride on it?
It's a beautiful bike.
I really like the look of DA 7400 on that frame.
Yes, I finally figured out why the bike would sometimes wander on me when, on a hunch, I swapped wheels with a fellow rider.
He said my front wheel caused no issues on his bike, but on mine the steering was completely well-behaved using the other (box section btw) front wheel. His bike was one of the steeper-angled Masi frames from tha late-1980's for what that's worth.
The 4000 has steep angles, reportedly 74x74, so with the steering being on the light side it just doesn't seem to like those old-school aero rims when there's any wind around.
I've ridden another (albeit steel) aero-framed road bike that had uncomfortable steering, but only at high speed, and I'm suddenly remembering that it too used early-type aero rims.

I'm suspecting also that aero-profile main tubes tend to be none too laterally rigid!

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