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Bikes: Too many to list

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i like Specialized . If you get a weekend or a day to yourself, a fun roadtrip would be to take Highway 101 south a few miles to Morgan Hill to visit the factory and company store ! And if i recall correctly , Gilroy is just 10 or so miles further south, its a fun town known as the garlic capital of the world! Treat yourself and since you live in a state that is fun to explore, do some exploring!

Then if you have time, drive down to Cambria and visit Cambria Bicycle Outfitters. They are the outfit that hooked me up withmy first full suspension Santa Cruz years ago and its a delightful little town to visit. And the bike shop is a bigger shop, but with a small shop feel. Everybody there rides and everybody is cooler and more chill than i will ever be (or at least thats the way it was a few years ago)
and it doesnt hurtt to stop outside San Simeon and take pics of the Sea Lions on the way down! And yes my mind is wandering thinking of a perfectbicycle oriented day trip

But back to business

the big boys have you coveredifyou can find any in stock - ilinked a pic to the Roscoe 6, but scrolldown to the 7 as it is 1350 but has a nicer air adjustable fork than the 6

Trek Roscoe

specialized Fuse

the SpecializedChisel is a little more than you intended to spin, but for $1600 gets you ahardtail you could legitimately take to the starting line , They are that well regarded

and the Fuse i linked to is their answer to the Roscoe, — ive ridden a Roscoe and was impressed with the big tires. It was a truly fun trailbike

if it were me, i personally have a lotof repressed aggression and would likely want the raciest thing i could get for my dollar, like the Chisel, or the Trek X-Caliber , but those fatter tired bikes are fun for sure

Most of the big manufacturers probably have competing models —- here are similar price point bikes from Giant, but i couldnt ascertain the level of suspension fork they had. An air fork vs a spring fork seems to be a unspoken dividing line between a “beginner” grade machine vs something that gets you in the door at an enthusiast level

happyhunting and i hope you can find something nice in stock!

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