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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
You're probably right. I can feel my heelcups and shoe uppers on the upstroke, but that's not lifting the weight of a powercrank, just my leg. I don't think I'd do better if I lifted any harder - or I would. The weird thing to me is that they still ebay for $300-$700. Lot of money for worthless junk . . .I'd try a set for $100.

But you did OK on them eventually? Except that they didn't improve your power or endurance?

What's that scantron? It doesn't google. My wife has a computtrainer, older model, but no electronics attached other than its head unit. I always wanted to see a polar graph of my pedaling.

Have a look at this, 2:06-2:13. I've been fascinated by the identical pedaling of these riders. They both lift the toe on the backstroke. I've tried and tried to do that at high power, and I just can't for more than a few strokes, though it's obviously better to enter the power stroke early, 11:00, with the toe well up. Comment please?

Yeah, that kind of thing engages the core alright.
I got to where I could ride them for 30 minutes or so, but to what end, I never figured out. There was zero difference when I got back on my bike.

I guess it's called a spin scan. Scantron are those bubble sheets you take tests on in school Woops! It was something that showed where you were delivering power throughout the pedal stroke; essentially whether you unweighted the up leg as much or not (there is generally not significant differences here, apparently, but still some more efficient than others).

Pedaling is pedaling and it, like cadence, varies on preference, seat height, heel extension, etc. Smashing down is where the power comes from. Lifting toes on the backstroke is about one of the last things I'd think about for my own riding, though I sit a bit lower than most and keep my foot more horizontal through the bottom and top.

Just like Basso, there's nothing I care about in regards to Armstrong and Pantani, personally. Their era is over and was so egregiously f'ed up that I don't think much of anything is applicable, especially what they did in training or racing.

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