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Tern Carryon

Originally Posted by sweeks View Post
I second the recommendation for the CarryOn. I've been using these (I have two of them) for almost 10 years, since I started using a similar cover on my old Dahon MuXL. I also have a Tern Verge S11i which I've used the CarryOn cover with ever since I got it in 2013. As Winfried points out ^^ the bike is light enough to carry with the very robust strap which attaches securely to the bike. Having said that, I still recommend rolling the unfolded bike as close as possible to the point of boarding (a train in my case) to minimize the distance the bike is carried, and I practice this advice myself.
The CarryOn cover is a snap to fold and stuff into its storage sack, and probably takes 30 seconds or less to install or remove. It has a couple features I have never used: a zippered slot between the strap attachment points, and a drawstring at the outer margin to cinch the cover around the bike; I just ignore these. All in all, a very serviceable and durable product.
Thank you for this feedback. Really appreciate hearing from someone that has used the product. at 28lbs, I wouldn't call our bikes "light" but they are manageable. We just picked them up this weekend. I haven't ordered the covers yet. Folded them to put in the back of the car, and could see how having the bag on there would have allowed them to slide in a little easier. I will definitely roll them as far as I can before bagging....much easier transport.
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