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I have a similar scale. I notice that the day after maybe a 2 hour workout, if I did not adequately replace carbs, my weight the next morning is down by a pound or so. If I do have an after-workout carb drink, my weight doesn't change as much, maybe down by .2. I assume that most of that weight change difference is due to glycogen replacement, i.e. mostly water. My water percent bounces around so much that I confess I haven't paid too much attention to it. I think my muscle percent is more reflective of my glycogen balance.

I only pay close attention to my scale numbers when I weigh myself first thing in the morning. If I weigh myself later in the day, all my numbers are different, especially my muscle number will be way up. Maybe more blood in the muscles increases the scale number? I don't bother weighing myself before and after a workout.

Tell you what . . .I'm doing a somewhat glycogen-depleting workout this morning. I'll weigh myself naked before and after, before my "after" drink, and post the results.

One can't compare one's numbers with anyone else's, but comparing the changes in numbers might be interesting.
Results matter
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