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This is a new build. The previous rear wheel has a DT Swiss 350 straight pull, and it shifted just fine. With the Novatec hub mounted in the frame (12 X 142 TA) and using the cassette from the original wheel,The RD cannot be made to reach the largest cog. It will, however shift to the smallest cog and past it if I back out both limit screws. Not good. I can, If I fiddle with the adjustment mode further, get the RD to shift to the largest cog, but not all the way to the smallest. Like I said, both limit screws are backed off as far as is safe. Multiple attempts to get shifting to work properly were all fruitless. Put the same cassette back on the original wheel back, mount it, and shifting returns to normal.

The hub fits between the rear drop puts properly, so I'm assuming the lock nut to lock nut spacing is correct. I haven't checked the hub's other dimensions.

Rather than waste more time on it, I'm just going to return the hub and use the spare rear DT Swiss hub I have on hand instead. Think of this as a cautionary tale. I see a lot of "cheap Chinese" wheel sets using these hubs. Given my experience, I'd think twice about buying anything with Novatec hubs.
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