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Originally Posted by Koyote View Post
This is not related to Di2, since mechanical and electronic groupsets use the same freehubs and cassettes.

I am presuming that you adjusted the limit screws, since that is often needed with a new hub. Also, note that there are spacers of different thicknesses; have you tried one that is not as wide/thick?

If Novatech states that it works with 11 speed Shimano, I'm willing to bet that it does.
Maybe so, but it this case, something is definitely off. I've been building wheels since the 70's. 'Course that doesn't mean I don't have my "D'ooh" moments, but I'm pretty sure this isn't one of them. I have tried an old thinner spacer I had laying around that did give the lock ring enough purchase on the free hub threads to be screwed down securely. That did improve the situation somewhat, but I still was unable to match the derailleur's range of motion to the cassette's requirements. Since I have a known good hub on hand, I've given up on the Novatec. Whatever standards of QA they maintain on their hubs, this sample didn't meet them. I did do some research on their products after the fact, and found reports of failed QA to be not uncommon.
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