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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
IME though, if glycogen is being broken down, one doesn't pee out the water right away. Don't know why, but the peeing seems to come hours later, at least for me.
I think this got it.

I actually weighed my normal mid-later day weight after a ravaging 1:20 on the TT bike on Tuesday. But, my water % on the scale had gone WAY up. Then after a lot of pee that evening and a solid night time pee, the weight during my normal after breakfast weigh in the next morning was down. Water weight % back to normal. But, glycogen not likely restored yet as I am NOT a big breakfast person any longer.

Some yogurt and a black coffee if I'm not riding early in the day. I simply found the "eat now so you don't eat a lot later" did not work for me. If I ate a good breakfast just to go sit at work, I still would eat the same lunch, same dinner, same evening snack with Netflix.

So, unless I'm riding early day I don't do the whole "nice breakfast" any longer. It wound up just being about 300cal a day of "filler".
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