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Originally Posted by niswanger View Post
Darn, would be interesting to know why this method? To me, both from a manufacturing process and service ability screws would have been better. Yes I can get them fairly clean, but I need to have the cage removed to get a proper surface prep on the body and cage to have the best anodize result (which will be black dyed cages, turns out sort of smokey colored and zero dye/clear on the body). Yes I can certainly do the machine work to make this happen, it's not just a matter if I want to run down that path? Thank you for responding.
Because these are inexpensive $30 non-servicable pedals. I use them myself and they're one of my favorites. MKS does make what you are pining for but you gotta pay the price.

Noted that your pedals are not the "touring" pedals but same upgrades are available with the wrap-around cages.

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