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Originally Posted by Tom L View Post
I tried to do that once for a while pointing the toes down and pulling thru, while I am just an amateur when it comes to riding , the thing I noticed that is that pedal stroke pulls you into the front of your saddle so bad that I couldn't get comfortable with any position. gave it an honest 6 months to try to get it to work
then it took a long time to get out of the habit and get comfortable in the saddle again.
don't know how those guys could do that at that level of out put
If you want to know how to pedal seated, look at the video in post 25. At least one can aspire to that even if it's at half the watts. For pedaling standing, look at Pantani's form. That's where you're more forward and do pedal toes down, no weight on the bars, in fact pulling up lightly on the downstroke side. Too many people try to support their weight with their hands when standing, instead of pushing down on the pedals. I mean really, way to wimp out. That's how he got legs like that and see how quiet he is, doing that.

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