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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
These scales essentially just run an electric current through you and measure the resistance don't they? Maybe some passive electrical too.

I've wondered how much moist feet one day versus dry feet another day change readings. However even though I have a scale that does similar stuff, I tired of using those functions long ago and never got interested enough again to try out the moist vs dry feet thing. I just use the scale to weigh.

Maybe even one moist and one dry to throw another twist at it?

Understand I'm not discounting how accurate they may be, but like a lot of other things they are relying on generalizations from indirect measurements.
Yes. Each of these components has a known conductivity and I'm pretty sure the body is modeled as a set of parallel impedances. I'd be willing to bet that glycogen content doesn't affect the conductivity of muscle much.

Incidentally, you don't necessarily pee out the water bound in glycogen, nor the water formed in the metabolism of carbohydrate to water and CO2. It goes into the plasma just like any water you drink and if you're working out, it leaves the body as sweat and respiratory water as much as urine.
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