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Back in the racing days we called this the wheel pit blues. Someone grabs a wheel, puts it on your bike, but unknown to you or your helper the wheel is not the one with your name on it and immediately the chain is off the outside or inside. The difference is the hub is spec'd differently from the hub the rider used on his own wheel.
As you have found the two options are to keep the wheel and readjust the Di2 each time the wheel is used or to get a hub that is the same as what the Di2 is adjusted to now to assure wheel changes without the need to readjust Di2.
For what it's worth, my experience with DT Swiss 350 hubs has been flawless. I use them for heavy riders, racers that create big watts, and guys like myself that like easy maintenance hubs that rarely ever need maintenance! Much better choice than Novatech and in my opinion beat the heck out of any other hub on the market.
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