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Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
The problem I've had with crimping is that I sometimes nick the wire. Depends on how the beads on the edges of your fenders are done. Some are better than others when it comes to being friendly to wires. I've found VO fenders to be particularly bad in this regard, which is why I used silicone in the first place.
The crimp on the OEM fender above still has a gap between the rolled edge and the inside edge of the fender, maybe 1mm. If you're crimping metal-to-metal such that you're able to nick a wire or pierce the wire casing, you're crimping much farther than I've ever seen any OEM do.

While I've never had it happen myself and never tried this with a modern, aftermarket fender, I can think of a couple of potential workarounds: Crimp before running your cable, or alternately run some fishing line or similar pull cord through the groove, crimp, then tie your wire to the line and fish it through.

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