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Originally Posted by nlerner View Post
I've done both the glue method and the tape method; glue seemed to hold up better through winter commuting.
I've never had good luck with tape, but I've had great luck with Goop brand adhesive. If the fender has tightly crimped edges (like VO), this is my go-to method. More recently I've taken to gluing 1" lengths of aluminum tubing (I get them from Blick Art) instead of gluing the wire itself, and running the wire through the conduits, so the wire can be replaced later on if needed. The Goop is so tenacious that sometimes I've been unable to remove the wire years later.

Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
The problem I've had with crimping is that I sometimes nick the wire. Depends on how the beads on the edges of your fenders are done. Some are better than others when it comes to being friendly to wires. I've found VO fenders to be particularly bad in this regard, which is why I used silicone in the first place.
Agreed, VO fender edges tend to be crimped pretty tight. Honjo's are generally nice and round and have plenty of room for wire. But for fenders with an open edge, crimping the edge after wiring to hold the wiring in place doesn't have to nick the wire, you can place little pieces of shrink tubing strategically along the wire where you want to crimp, to further protect the wire. I also do this wherever the wire enters or exits the rolled edge, where its not possible to place a normal grommet:

I also re-purpose electrical ring terminals as wire guides to help keep the wire tucked up under the fender where it has to cross over from the edge to the center, such as where it enters the taillight:

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