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Katakura Silk R2-XS

Hi Guys,

Have a possible Katakura Silk R2-XS that I am trying to verify, I would like to know if anyone has either a better quality or more zoomed photo of a Katakura Silk R2-XS I believe this was a 1983 bike. The only photo I can find is this one which is from a catalog and is quite hard to verify the details of the bike. Also, I read from other threads that this is considered to be a grail bike. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this bike and what makes it a "grail bike". Is there a noticable difference between mass top quality mass produced and hand made bicycles? Also how much would you pay for a "nothing to fix" full Dura Ace equipped version of this. If anyone has translated specs that would also be appreciated.
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