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Heidelberg (Germany) going biycle-friendly

  • Heidelberg is buying a fleet of hydrogen-powered
    buses, building a network of bicycle "superhighways" to the suburbs
    and designing neighborhoods to discourage all vehicles and encourage
    Among the city's measures to make cars irrelevant are
    building bridges that would allow cyclists to bypass congested areas
    or cross the Neckar without having to compete for road space with
    motor vehicles.
    Cars are not banned from the Bahnstadt, but there is almost no
    traffic. Most streets are dead ends. Apartment buildings are arranged
    around generous courtyards with playgrounds and connected by
    walkways. The one street that cuts through the triangular neighborhood
    has a speed limit of 30 kilometers an hour, or less than 20 miles per
    hour. Bicycles have the right of way.

    If you can't access the article by clicking on the link, you can
    right-click on the link, save the file, read the local copy.

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