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Originally Posted by surak View Post
In pre-COVID times there was a guy who would show up to the group rides run by our club with bullhorns on a flatbar, road-ish MTB setup. That was the least of our concerns. More that he'd ride erratically and do annoying stuff like park his bike on an entire bench when we'd stop for food so a bunch of people couldn't sit, randomly decide to ride on the wrong side of the road, and blow a snot rocket without looking back. He probably didn't show up at the beginning of any rides because you must sign a waiver and agreement to abide by the rules at the start.

In other words, your handlebars are probably the least of a group's worries, but whatever other eccentricities you have may be what gets frowned upon. Such as not using the drops on descents. Not sure how liability works in the Philippines, but it's that kind of thing that would give me pause if I were to see it in a tight paceline. I would not want someone losing control and flying off the bike, to their and/or my detriment.
I've seen groups descend on the hoods especially on long descents, most probably numb hands.

We got very bumpy roads everwhere so riders are probably used to gripping the handlebar real good at all times regardless which part of the handlebar they're gripping.
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