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Originally Posted by cubewheels View Post

A bullhorn flipped is essentially a dropbar without the drops and with the STI installed in exactly the same position as you would in a regular dropbar, it would be held in exactly the same way when riding "in the hoods" as would in a regular dropbar.
The bullhorn bars I'm familar with are definitely not the same as a dropbar without the drops, flipped over. Even if you flipped them over, the extensions are much longer, and the bar doesn't curve down. There is no way you'd get a standard brake shifter/hood to work on this in a reasonable position:

There are lots of fixed gear bikes out there where people have cut the drops off of standard drop bars and flipped them over to run ghetto/homemade bullhorns, but I've never anyone selling a bar that looked like that.

What you're describing in this thread sounds more like just cutting the drops off of a standard drop bar and keeping the brake hoods in their usual position. It would look something like this, which is a bike someone built specifically for Everesting and was looking to cut weight wherever they could, and found an extra 50 grams by sawing the ends off the drop bar. Note that the shape of the bar that extends below the hood is curved a lot more than the bullhorn above:
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