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Front Derailleur/Gear Issues

Hi all,

Iím continuing my education on classic bikes by trying to install gears onto an old Peugeot that I converted into single speed years ago.

I bought some new parts and Iím having trouble with the chain rubbing on certain areas, mainly the front derailleur but also on the chainring itself.

Iíve tried adjusting the screws on the front derailleur and it rubs on either the smallest rear cog or the largest rear cog, itís one or the other but itís impossible to avoid it on both.

Also when the chain is on the smallest rear cog, and the smallest front cog, the chain contacts the largest front cog.

And finally itís incredibly difficult to move the chain to the largest rear cog with the friction shifters, Ive attached a photo of how far it has to be pulled to get there.

Iíve attached some images, the bike is a 1980s Peugeot, the new cassette is a Shimano HG500 10 speed, the front derailleur is a Sachs Huret pinched from another bike.

I appreciate your help and guidance!!


Does this look right? It seems too far backwards to me...

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