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Derailleur top pulley is not aligning

Hi, I just installed a new brand Deore cassette and rear derailleur. I have noticed that the top pulley is not aligned to the the small sprocket. Thus, this is moving the chain to the second sprocket automatically. In fact, the top pulley is fully aligned with the second sprocket at start.

So, I counter-clockwised the H screw until I reached the limit, where the screw is coming off. I dod not notice the pulley moves to the right to be under the small sprocket.

I left it and continued to adjust the speed. I adjusted the L screw too and successfully aligned the top pulley it under the biggest sprocket.

I left the B screw alone as it does not seem it needs adjustment.

However, my problem for the small sprocket is unsolved. The top pulley is still not aligning under the small sprocket so that my chain can start on the first sprocket.

My derailleur hanger is not bent.

How to solve this?
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