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It sounds like with what you have done, the shift cable is now holding the derailleur off the limit screw. This is a common mistake. You probably installed the cable before setting the limits.

You need to relax the tension on the shift cable to allow the derailleur to move further to the small cog direction. Do this by disconnecting the cable. Move the derailleur by hand, get down low, directly behind the cassette eye ball how the jockey wheel lines up under the biggest & smallest cogs & set the high/low screws accordingly...setting the derailleur maybe the tiniest fraction outboard on the smallest cog because the upper jockey wheel intentionally has some play engineered into it..

Then hook up the cable, cycle through the gears & set the cog to cog alignment with the cable tension. Then switch to the other front chain ring & set the cog to cog alignment with the cable tension again. This may be an iterative process, especially if a derailleur is particularly old & worn.

You should be good to go. But, if there's ever any doubt, you can always get down low & take a look at how things line up & adjust the cable tension accordingly. At this point, with the limits set, there is no risk of immediate catastrophic harm.

It's not uncommon to require another half a turn or so more cable tension to regain good clean shifts as the system settles into itself after a few rides.

Good luck!

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