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. As for TYA, they were really dynamite in concert from a visual players perspective, as bassist Leo Lyons was a sight to see..........a supremely unsung bass player that most folks that didn't see TYA live just don't really know....... his crazy way of rocking the bass.., and he does it for every second of every song during the whole show.......never seen anything like that before or since....... (FOR A TRUE VISUAL TREAT from one of Bill Graham's in-house- archival videotapes from his WINTERLAND Ballroom venue in San Francisco on AUG 4, 1975-------entire concert with a quality straight to two track stereo live balanced on the fly mix-----this TYA 8/4/75 video came out with Wolfgangs Vault of Graham's estate of personal archives/packrat tapes-audio/video....)
Go to YOUTUBE and search TEN YEARS AFTER 8-4-75 Winterland.
It has to be one the last concerts of TEN YEARS AFTER as Alvin Lee had done solo projects in 1974.
Anyway, it is the exact TYA line-up, that you see on the video of I'm Going Home on the WOODSTOCK (Aug 69) Festival, and video clips from TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL (AUG 30, 31 Sep 1, 1969) and video clips from ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL (Aug 1970)
Alvin Lee--guitar & vocals, Chick Churchill-organ, Ric Lee--drums, and Leo Lyons on bass
If you've never got to see them, go look at that Winterland 8-4-75 video and also see those others too.
Yeah, Alvin's vocals live and their sonic firepower live was not nearly as polished as their studio albums. Yes, there were a few mindless throwaway blues standards and a drum solo that for whatever reason remained mostly in their set on tour even though they had better songs to choose from. That is just an opinion. They did deliver a heck of rock n roll show. Their RECORDED LIVE album is tremendous if only for I CAN'T KEEP FROM CRYING SOMETIMES etc... and SLOW BLUES IN C and CHOO CHOO MAMA, and I'M GOING HOME................recorded in early 1973 and released about may 1973.....you gotta hear those versions.
The original WOODSTOCK movie soundtrack album has the AUGUST 1969 live I'M GOING HOME which is fantastic, but the 1973 live version is better in recording quality and better than very good.
An official previously unreleased concert CD from 1970 at Fillmore was issued in the late nineties. It is good but sound quality is not as good as RECORDED LIVE.
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