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Non symetrical size threading on bottom bracket

This is a really odd issue. I've swaped out dozens of bottom brackets over the years. 1994 marin palisades recently purchased as an old school mtb. I have a tange bb with a steel non drive side unit vs the cheap plastic opgion with many shimano units. The original shimano was seized, but after some work, i got the drive side out. The non drive had a plastic unit. I cleaned the houding with a wire brush. I put the tange drive side in without issue, but the non drive was really tight after just a few threads. I pushed it a bit but it became clear metal was digging into metal. I pulled it out and it looked a tiny bit reduced in diameter with some metal shavings. The original plastic is to small for the diam of the tange unit, so i put the orig one back in. What am i missing? This has never happened before. I would like to upgrade many components so it is more efficient.
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