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Originally Posted by Seizedpost View Post
Hello Bike Forums,

I have a 1959 Maino that needs a new saddle for this riding season. Its original one is coming apart, and I'd like to get a comfortable, correct-looking replacement. It doesn't have to look identical to the original but it should look appropriate.
I was thinking something like a Brooks saddle would be ideal except that this bike is exrtremely Italian (maybe I'm being silly, IDK). It has a very upright riding position, so that needs to be a consideration.
If this was your bike that you were going to use for mostly short-distance pleasure riding, what would you get for a saddle?

Please excuse the ugly mismatched tires, I'm about to swap those out for a pair of 700x35 skinwall Pasela PTs, unless someone has an alternative suggestion.
You could consult an upholstery shop, and you could go with a Brooks, they are now owned by Selle Royal, an Italian company and they have been making saddles since the 1880's so they are correct for anything you put them on.
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