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Originally Posted by jetignacio View Post
Anyone here playing music with BT headphones while riding? I prefer to have some music while riding as it gives me a certain energy or fueled feeling, but tons of people are against it due to safety reasons. Any tips or suggestions for those who wants to have both worlds but at the same time riding safe? TIA
OH, OH. I guess you didn't do any search for "headphones", "ear buds" or such. I haven't read past your first post, so don't know how long it will take. But I predict that within 3 replies, some know-it-all will pipe in not answering the question, but pontificating on how horribly dangerous it is and you're going to die. Or how inferior you are because you don't want to hear "nature".

I have a ~16 gig playlist on my phone and just hit "random shuffle" When solo, I listen to music all the time except if my BT buds are discharged or I forget them. I personally feel that the buds cut down on wind noise and actually help me hear traffic. But that's only about 30 years of experience.

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