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i like this JBL Flip 4 setup right here.
use to be man, my legs are cooked, do i really want to ride today in the cold rain?'

then i remember "I Got Tunes!" and i leap out o bed like a frog in a dynamite pond.

never had to use it at full volume because it is so loud. pedestrians can hear me from 50 yards out. every time.

full charge goes all day at high volume. i can still hear cars so there is no safety problems.

figuring out the least offensive play list was the ticket.

turns out the answer was Norteno music. Coridos. from the 60's.

90% of people love it. and they can hear that push button accordion a mile away.

i had an old couple in there 80's turn face to face and give each other a kiss when they heard the music. it was a slower song.

i have had girls start dancing. i had a group of female riders yell "hell ya, i want one of those on my bike!"

there are not that many Mexican people out here where i live. today there just happened to be a Mexican family walking with their kids and when Mom heard the music, she tuned around with a huge smile on her face as to say 'wow, we are not alone out here after all!

today I came across another Mexican family and the youngster yelled 'i like your music!"

and it motivates me when things are tough as Corido's are about tough times.

and it does not trigger youtube ads!

these guys are the best Norteno players that ever lived>

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