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I've run 38 x 11-36 and I found the lack of top end to be very annoying. I don't think you need to be bombing to want a bit more gear at the top end. When things get gnarly, you aren't pedaling anyway. On long, non-technical slopes at shallow to moderate grades, it can be frustrating to be limited. I raced that same cassette with a 42 ring a couple summers back and even that wasn't quite enough on the last descent of that course. But that's where the trade-offs of running 1x come into play. Having a low gear of 44x36 would've been worse over the whole course than I would've gained with 44x11 on that last descent.

That said, chainrings are cheap and can be swapped in and out very easily without messing with your drivetrain setup. So if you think losing a bit of top end won't trouble you, I would just pick one up and try it out.
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