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Those aero Shimano pedals did have that funky extra bracket at the front that engaged a special cleat. It is shown in this photo on flickr...

I've used the Shimano 105 version of the pedal with more conventional slotted cleats, though. I've used them with older shoes with slotted cleats, and with newer Shimano shoes that had fittings for Look cleats. Shimano sold slotted cleats (as indicated in the flickr photo) that attached to the Look bolt pattern. They sold other cleats that didn't have the weird fitting at the front, and it worked fine. I used them with Shimano shoes that had a very minimal front velcro closure that didn't interfere with the toe strap.
A couple of shots of this set-up...

btw, I've got extra cleats of this style that I'd be happy to sell. PM me for details. My parts box is overflowing!

Steve in Peoria
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