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I have a 40t on one of my bikes. I run it with an 11-34. 40/11 leaves me wanting a bit more top end in situations where I have a nice tailwind, or am riding in a draft with others.

I have another 1x bike with 42t and prefer that size, although according to the calculator it doesn't make that big of a difference.

With 700x32mm:
38/11 @ 100rpm = 27.72mph
40/11 @ 100rpm = 29.25mph
42/11 @ 100rpm = 30.69mph

Assuming you cannot easily run something larger than an 11-42 rear cassette size, dropping your front ring down to a 40 or 38 will give you lower gearing without sacrificing a whole lot on the top end.

Your next challenge will be finding a place to buy a new chainring that actually has them in stock.
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