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Originally Posted by Dylansbob View Post
Ahh, thank you. I knew it looked like frozen water damage, but I was confused at that area. Hadn't even thought of hanging upside down.

It's an early '50s Paramount track frame, so it is probably *worth* being repaired. Although it's also probably *worth* getting a full Waterford restoration.

It's only worth what someone is willing to spend the $ for. Whether that person is the OP or some other one is not the issue. Who is spending the $ is the only judge that counts. Some people look at their bikes with only their use/ownership in mind (this is likely most people). Some view themselves as a collector or a restorer of history and thus their $ has a different value equation to be run through. A fully chromed bike is not the quick and easy finish to work on. Expect the stay replacement, and after repair refinishing, to be well more then would initially be thought of. Andy
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