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Here's what Robbie had to say about it:

"It was a well done bike, sold by Bikecology out of their catalog. Alan Goldsmith, who consulted for Western States Imports (Centurion), very likely contracted for these. He either owned or was a principal at Bikecology.

The bike was very likely made by Chirico, a shop in Bussero (outskirts of Milan) that had a long partnership with Cinelli, and made some Cinelli frames for them. Chirico's son was an "apprentice" frame builder at Cinelli from 1972 until 1984, when he returned to his father's shop in Chirico. He and his father then patented a fork-making process (both internal and external lugs) and they churned out a lot of high-end forks for multiple brands in Europe. One of the rarer dropouts or fork ends is one stamped "CHIRICO." They made some custom frames, some North American-intended Cinelli's, and likely some racing frames (notably the Super Corsa's with eyelets used on European brevets).

Alan Goldsmith went to visit Cino Cinelli, precisely to contract for a production run of the Equipes, and the main negotiation was the size and placement of the Cinelli logo. This was a concern of Cinelli throughout the production of frames for others (Lotus, Centurion, etc) outside the umbrella of "normal" production Cinellis.

Goldsmith met with the elder Cinelli, then Andreas, and the deal was done for a shipping container full of the Equipe. Chirico was contracted for those frames, and then the rest of the time was spent at Cino's olive orchards.

Goldsmith returned to consult on the "modern" Ironman models, started Park Pre bikes with his wife, and then went on to other small companies like Specialized....

He never figured out the fuss over the Ironman models, but I'm sure he didn't dwell on it. He was/is an important figure in the industry, and also a full-time lawyer.

I'll never really know if the Project came before the Equipe, or at the same time through different distribution, or after. The pantographs are oriented differently, and of course, less chrome. The frames are pretty nice. A ton of them ended up under racers, likely purchased out of the Bikecology catalog and built up. They're as Italian as any bike made in Italy, and pedigreed as well. Cinelli and Chirico go way back."

Or here's a link to that thread with more pictures of my bike: Early Centurion Cinelli Equipe?

And here a link to maybe everything known about these bikes: Robbie has some very interesting theories about the the Cinelli Centurion

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