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Originally Posted by bikingshearer View Post
I, for one, see no sin here. Of course, I'm a godless heretic generally, so my blessing may not be worth much

I bought a Break-Away (road model) a few years back and put Campy 10sp triple on it. It is sitting in its case as I type this. I have only ridden it a very few times because I have not traveled nearly as much as I had envisioned.

I would say it rides well. Not "it rides well for a break-apart frame" or some other qualifier, just "it rides well," full stop. Getting used to the ride is like getting used to the ride of any new ride. I doubt if you will be disappointed.

From my limited experience, the Break-Away is a very fine option for a break-down travel bike. On word of caution - the dimensions of the bag are a hair bigger than the airline regs permit without an up-charge for oversize baggage. It's by a small amount and it does not look oversized. When I was checking into them the word was that people did not have any problems with airlines due to size, although the usual hijinks about trying to charge a premium because it's a bicycle was still a thing. I have no idea if that is still a problem, but a few years back it was a significant bone of contention. If an when you fly with it, be sure to check out your airline's regulations in advance and print them out to show baggage/check-in people who have their own ideas of what the rules are.
My Bike Friday (now on eBay for sale because who needs to break down travel bikes?) was in the "doesn't ride bad for a break-down 20" wheeled bike. Two good rides in and I think you're correct. It rides like a bike. Good to know about the potential shipping charge issue. Right now the bidding on my Bike Friday will pay for the Ritchey, so it's like a straight trade. Two more days to go, maybe I'll have a net profit?
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