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Originally Posted by davester View Post
I think I tweaked my neck from averting my eyes so much. Gugie who?
This thread has been hijacked by his evil twin.
@juvela will mostly likely give this person a name, he's good at that...

Originally Posted by repechage View Post
so how about a more in depth commentary?
I've written much about the difference between low and high trail. Suffice it to say that when the front end of a low trail bike is loaded down, handling doesn't change much, whereas on higher trail bikes it does. I'll soon have a test bed for this theory.

Originally Posted by bark_eater View Post
Convert an early 70's Raleigh to a 'Breakaway" and all will be forgiven...
There's plenty of broken early 70's Raleighs out there already...

Originally Posted by jdawginsc View Post
I just don't understand how it can maintain it's stiffness and agility with couplers...you would think they would flex and stretch.
One might think, but the long seatpost connects the seat lug halves together, the flange at the bottom uses the same principal of a KF flange (look it up, they're common in vacuum applications in semiconductor industry) My experience with them is that they make a very stiff connection, so I wasn't worried about it. That and Ritchey's sold a lot of these with no issues.

Originally Posted by Sir_Name View Post
Nice score, enjoy!

One more thing I forgot to mention...it's (cough, cough), TIG welded...
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