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A few weeks back I had a 17 km/h crash on packed snow, definitely the fastest crash I've ever had. The snow had been super grippy with studs so I'm not quite sure what caused it. My guess is that there was a hidden parallel ice ridge that I rode up onto then the front tire slipped off of. Lost the front end, made one of those instinctive corrections and thought for an instant that I might have saved it. Then the realization that I'm beyond the point of no return, and what seemed like an eternity before I hit the ground.

I managed to a land pretty flat on my side and other than getting smacked in the shin by a pedal I was good. I do my best to keep my hands on the bars during a crash, I figure that is safest option. Barely any soreness the next day, not enough to keep me off the bike. Even flat layer of packed snow meant no road rash or damaged clothing.

I've got a pretty good run of rides going this month. The day we got the snow is the only day in March that I haven't gone for a ride.
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