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Originally Posted by Eggman84 View Post
I would use the 4th one. I have the an XT version of the parallax hub both front (HB-M737) and rear (FH-M737) (36 hole in my case) on my touring bike and don't think there are many hubs with a better polish/look. You might want to disassemble the hub first just to check that the races and cones are in good shape. But I suspect their is almost no quality difference with my XT version and yours.
If I had the XT version, I would use it too! I've been searching for a FH-M737 on fleaBay. I actually have two of the FH-MC38; the one pictured looks sound inside (I re-packed it and replaced the balls); the other one has pitted cones.

Maybe, as you say, I should stop obsessing over the perceived quality difference, and go with what I have.
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