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Originally Posted by CAT7RDR View Post
I was reminded last ride that good fortune does not equal good judgment.

I timed a red light turning green on a moderately busy intersection and figured I was safe being on the right of a car turning left and no traffic I could see coming from my right. My judgment was wrong as a grey Mustang traveling at a high rate of speed was going to run his red light and had to brake hard to avoid nailing me on my right side.

Just another reminder how fragile we are on the road and it is better to clip out and clip back in rather than timing lights with so many drivers breaking traffic laws.
Wow you were extremely fortunate. A good cautionary tale for those driven to maintain a high average speed. Am definitely not without my own stupid judgement calls which almost cost me. Fortunately those were about 30 years ago and have calmed down a bit in my 60s. (Almost)
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