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Does this flange look cracked to you?

Gary Fisher Mt Tam with a Bontrager rear hub.
the bike is ~20 years old, ridden on gravel trail tours by a middle age woman. No aggressive riding.
I'm doing a complete overhaul on it.

the cassette was coming unscrewed from the hub shell. so the rear wheel got a good cleaning (20 years worth of road crud).
radial spoke pattern on the left side. We know that can rip flanges apart. Or is this visual damage from something caught up around the hub? There is some but very little wear on the spokes at the hub. I tried squeezing hard on the spokes but I didn't see any cracks open up. It looks like slight cracks midway between the spoke holes. I'd expect cracks to form at the spoke holes if this is a radial spoke pattern failure.

This hub has oversized cones with 3/16 balls, 12 on each side. No visible wear on the cones. Pretty high quality stuff. not sure if it's ever been apart before.

if you click on the photos, it should zoom in.

Toast or not?

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