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RD alignment, non-dropout, non-Campy hanger

Finishing up my Gitane with, among other things, a Simplex 543... need to get the shifting right. As the dropouts (stamped, no hanger) did not look correct, just got a set of Park FFG-2 alignment tools. To my eye, looks pretty good now in terms of dropout alignment. Derailleur still looks, sounds and shifts "off". By my eye, the derailleur hanger "claw might or might not be the next object of attention. Again, just by my eye, it might be off in the "roll axis" with the bottom of the derailleurs closer to the centerline of the bike than the top -- but also in the "yaw axis" with the derailleur pointed toward the centerline of the bike when viewed from above. Tweaking the claw sounds in order, but "I think so" is not good enough. And as stiff as the claw is and as readily as the dropouts moved using the FFG-2, will "tweaking" in place merely bend the dropouts again instead of the claw?

So, started thinking about a Park hanger alignment tool, like the DAG-2.2,, etc. But, the Simplex claw is unlike, say, a Campy, Shimano or Suntour mounting: the hole is not threaded, and smaller (micrometer says about 9.25mm) so that tool probably won't fit (I left a message at Park, but suspect what I'll hear). Somehow I suspect that later (Delrin Era and later) dropouts might have a similar mounting size... what do people use? Seems like there should be an adapter bolt.
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