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Bikes: Not as many as there were awhile ago.

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Originally Posted by downtube42 View Post
Buyer beware at wally-world, as well.
Oh for sure and the wally worlds around here are totally sold out of any kind of adult bike so there will be a glut of them needing repairs. I had just replaced the FD on a Huffy MTB from WalMart the same morning that a friend bought. I gave him hell for buying a WM bike after I had told him not to. He said it had shifting problems and I replied, "Of course it does, that's why I told you not to buy one." I verified the FD was FUBAR as I suspected from our phone conversation and told him he should take it back but they'd probably just give him another bike with the same cheap FD. He said he got the last one, probably one somebody else brought back. I told him there was no making his FD work and I had used my last bottom pull triple on another WM bike with the same issue last Fall but I could get an inexpensive Shimano for it so we did that. I also had to replace the cable because they had overtightened the hold down at the derailleur and broke about half the strands. I also told him he will be putting new shifters on it at some point, both shifters had an 1/8" of slop in them before they even started pulling the cables. But even that poor excuse of a BSO was far better than that thing off Amazon, it was THAT bad!
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