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Mountain Bike or Hybrid

Hi everyone. This is my second post outside of my introduction, so forgive me if I should have posted somewhere else.

I posted a similar post in the hybrid section, but want to hear from mountain bikers too.

I am looking at getting back into biking after more than 10 years of not owning a bike. I live on a farm (with wooded trails) and live near a city with many parks and trails in Michigan. I know I will be riding on the road at times and on park trails at times, as well as on grass around the farm. I have been looking to buy something for around $600 or less (a little flexible) but am not sure where to start. There is so much out there, and I'm not even sure if a hybrid is the way to go or a mountain bike, so I guess that's my first question. What would you all do in my shoes?

Also, I would like to eventually get a bike trailer to pull my two kids under 3 years old around in so the bike needs to work with that. Does this work better with either a mountain bike or hybrid, and does it really matter?

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