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LOL. That is the same as a Vietnam bike. On a 3 week trip there in 2007, I bought one of them in both Hanoi and Saigon, for about $80. Mine had a full double tube and came with a frame lock. I added a basket, threw in the tools, water and rain cape and wobbled off.
I rode the Saigon one about 400 miles. I did take my dozen tools with me of course, knowing I would use them all and did. LOL.
The biggest problem is the old fashioned way they attach 3 or 4 things to the axles. Fender, basket, kickstand and footpegs. Impossible to keep from loosening with cheap nuts, with those round wire ends. IF it was thinner flat metal ends, it would actually help solidify the nut from turning. That is how my 1973 CCM was made.
Plus I was riding a 3 size too small one and raised the stem past the limit and didn't notice until I saw the photo. So it came loose a few times. Yah the rims are crooked steel, but still better than the Chinese ones I bought on a new rod brake bike in 2009.
So they are crap to ride on anything but flat ground. The band brake is not worse than rod brakes for sure, they both suck.
I do see the pedals and levers are likely worse on this Walmart version, or maybe everything.
Just make sure she carries a crescent wrench that can also fit the headset. And knows how to use it. LOL.
Moving the fender stays to a p-clamp would be better of course.

PS. My new Toronto designed Simcoe roadster was MSRP $1,400Cdn. It came with cheap rattle fenders and cheap pressed steel levers that I wouldn't put on a Walmart bike. They look like finger choppers waiting to happen, in a crash. The bare Alu stem and gooseneck seatpost aren't great either. All these things will be gone as soon as possible. I also had to drill the seat tube for a water bottle. WTF is that omission for???

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